Corporate Events - Imagery by Chi

Photo by Charli Clayborne


1) i have three names 

2) my ears are not pierced

3) growing up, i wanted to be the next Walt Disney or Quincy Jones

What does "Chi" stand for?

One of my names is "CHIOMA," which means "God is good" in Igbo. While learning the origins of my name, I discovered its meaning in several languages. Surprisingly, these languages all share a common meaning. In the Igbo tradition, "CHI" means God. In Chinese tradition, "CHI" represents vital energy believed to circulate around the body in currents. In Japanese, "CHI" means Earth. Does it help that I also live in the Chicago area? 

I love capturing precious life moments. I also love to create a comfortable vibe to ensure my clients feel comfortable when I capture their image. Most people that I know hate having their picture taken. But it is all about the energy one brings in a setting. I take joy in creating spaces that make others feel at ease. That's what I'm all about. 

How long have you been a photographer?

I've been fortunate to do photography as a profession since 2015. I never would have imagined having the opportunity to do this which I believe to be a blessing.

Do you have a specialty?

My main focus is event photography and headshot/portraits. I'm married to a real estate broker, so I've dabbled in taking shots of interior and exterior houses.  I have been fortunate to capture several functions which include galas, corporate meetings, bereavement events, showcases, social mixers, awards ceremonies, fashion shows, musical performances and much more.

What equipment do you use?

I'm a Canon lady! I use a full frame body with several prime and zoom lenses and a tripod. But don't get it twisted....I actually started with Sony and am very comfortable with their alpha and e-mount series. I own lighting equipment as well as multiple background drops and can travel to several destinations for shoots. 

Photo Features:

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